"The sun is gone, but I have a light."

                                      -Kurt Cobain

who primarily grew up in Seattle Washington.  I also have spent some years in Nevada where I was born in Reno, and where my parents currently reside in Las Vegas. I'm definitely a west coast girl.  I"ve always seen life outside of the box and will never have just one career.  I feel like God gave me many talents for a reason and I believe I can be useful, successful and inspiring with all of them.  In retrospect of my life, I feel like I've had a lot of detours that led me to very profound places.  I always knew I was meant to be in Los Angeles though.  I love this city an it most definitely feels home to me after all the years I have lived here. 

Alena Dawn has had a passion for art her whole life.  As a child her mother was always encouraging her to create and use her imagination. Ironically Alena even shares the same birthday as the talented Dr. Seuss who was one of her first creative influences. Some of her first artistic accomplishments where the many coloring contests she won at local grocery stores for holiday themes.  Having a special eye for color has always been one of her best assets.  As a child Alena also won many Halloween costume contests.  One year she won for her very authentic mummy costume and another year for her punk rocker costume that included a florescent green mohawk that she styled herself.  When Alena played with her dolls she even cut up their clothes and painted their hair with nail polish.  At an early age Alena wanted to be a fashion designer, actress and architect.  Alena was also in many school plays and did gymnastic and dance growing up.  She was a very shy child but found it easiest to express herself through all of these forms of art. While living in Seattle near her grandmother from her father's side she finally learned to design and sew her own clothes.  She also started designing many plans for her future mansion with the graph paper her dad gave her from the Architecture firm he had worked for.

Alena's father was also a computer programmer, and as early as she was able to, she started designing holiday cards for friends and family on his computer.  Over the summer between 7th and 8th  Alena was able to attend a class called "From Photos Paintings." In this class she created a large painting incorporating photographs she had taken for a piece that was backdrop for a bus stop that was in front of the Key Arena in downtown Seattle for over 15 years.  In high school Alena took 2 years of drafting classes and as many other art, fashion and acting classes as she could.  Alena's much older sister was very into punk rock music and fashion as they grew up.  She was also one of her biggest fashion influences.  Alena attended college at Seattle Pacific University where she studied theater and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a costume design focus.  She chose this major because of her love for acting, art and fashion. It was the best way for to study all of them with one degree.  After college her passion for music, creativity, dance and fashion brought her to the electronic music/ rave culture.  She became very known in Seattle for her unique style and brightly colored costumes.  She won free admittance to many events for having one of the best costumes.  Many of her friends, djs and other local musicians hired her to create costumes, style and work as a make-up artist  for photo shoots and events. 

 Alena had also been modeling since age 15 and became more involved in the modeling and photography community in Seattle at that time.  This is when Alena began designing clothing more frequently and started using Photoshop for editing.  She was designing under the name A-Stylz because that was what her friends began calling her.  One of the most successful events she organized with another designer Lucretia of Lunar Mansion was called "Over My Naked Body."  It had many aspects of art, 6 total designers, dancers, djs, bands and acrobatic performers.  Alena's first time having her clothing published was in a magazine that was new at the time called MF Music Fashion magazine.  Here clothing was featured in two issues including the 1st issue.  Soon after that she worked as a stylist/ designer for hairstylist Jesse Skittral on a submission for Northwest Magazine.  The photo they worked on together won 1st place and was published as the cover of the magazine. Alena was also awarded runner up in Seattle's Next Top Model Contest, which was hosted by Underground Magazine.  Each week the contestants were given different challenges and themes for styling themselves for photo shoots and runway competitions.  She was awarded the cover of the magazine and also a featured article and spread for which she designed 3 different looks for.  Around this time Alena also began working with Foresight films after being booked as a model for a music video they were shooting.  She worked on many projects with them doing acting, costume design and make-up artistry.  With two of her close friends Joy and Andrew, who were local photographers, Alena worked as a set designer, stylist and make-up artist on holiday themed shoots for local models. 

Eventually Alena moved to Los Angeles to pursue higher profile work  in the entertainment industry.  A few months prior to moving to LA, she made a trip there to do some networking and modeled at group photo shoot.  At the shoot she met and shot with photographer Richard Clements whom she frequently worked with once living in LA. She soon began working with him at Flashbox Studios as a model, then make-up artist and stylist for him and other photographers that shot out of there.  In Los Angeles Alena was often able to use her multi-tasking skills on set acting, costuming and doing make-up for many projects. One of the companies she did this with was Go-Go Girls, women’s scooter and motorcycle clothing.  She started working with them as a promotional and print model, eventually working with the company doing sample making, grading and trouble shooting new designs. Alena often worked as a go-go dancer, and while doing so also promoting a line she modeled called Glow Fur.  She was their Los Angeles representative and helped organize and showcase their line for a charity fashion show.  Alena  coordinated for a major Hollywood fashion show at Social for Silver Star Clothing.  This show featured many MMA fighters and other celebrities.  Throughout the years she has been able to take many freelance gigs creating logos and fliers for various

companies and events.  She also briefly worked as a sewer for Illuminate and helped create a LED costume for Chris Brown.  Alena debuted her fashion designs at Fashion Week LA and received The Edge Award for her showcase.  She was able to book many stunt performers to model her clothing demonstrating flips and tricks on the red carpet and runway.  For this event she showcased her edgy custom clothing and a new sportswear line that is still in development called Precise Momentum.  

While in Los Angeles Alena  worked with her close friend, filmmaker and director Miguel Galindo on many projects acting, doing stunts, make-up and costuming.  Alena and Miguel have also co-written some projects together that they hope to film this year with Alena as the artistic director, actress and editor.  Over the past two years she has been teaching herself video editing.  About a year ago she shot and co-edited her first music video Grammy with her current boyfriend and music artist Chris Wright, aka SORA.  Alena also conceptualized and edited her first short action film Late 4 Skool with some of her friends from Parkour Los Angeles a group she trains with.  Alena started painting again a few years ago just to decorate her apartment.  First she painted a huge tree on here wall.  Next she found some old doors and painted both sides of three of them.  After showing them to some friends who loved them and encouraged here to do more paintings, she had her first showing.  About one year later she had her first full solo show in down town Los Angeles.  Her first collection was called Devastation Inspiration.  Alena uses painting, photography and art to release negative emotions and turn them into something productive and beautiful.  She creates to express, release and inspire.  She is very spiritual and feels connected to a higher power of positivity when creating, whether it is art, design, fashion or movement.  The environment has always been one of her most passionate causes and many of her works are old items recycled and reconstructed in to art.  Currently Alena is working with Plastics Life Magazine as a Graphic Designer and Model.  She currently resides in Las Vegas and is working as an obstacle/parkour/bootcamp and gymnastics trainer besides continually creating art in any medium possible.  Besides being passionate about art donating to charity and helping others is a great passion of Alena's. 

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