"I think there is beauty in everything.  What "normal" people

perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it."

                                              -Alexander McQeen



    Thanks for visiting my site!  I"m an LA based visual artist. Creating and composing art by hand on the canvas, computer screen and on human beings is my passion!  Theatrical costume design was my focus at Seattle Pacific University where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Originally I moved to LA to pursue work as a model, fashion designer and action hero for film. Freelance work has been most appealing to allow me to combine all of my talents and experiences including putting my paintings on street and fitness clothing.


    Throughout my life I have been complimented about having a strong eye for color. As a child I won many local coloring contests prizes. I love bright colors that contrast well with black and white.  Punk and alternative rock music, as well as old school hip hop have always been a big park of my life.  Music is one of my biggest inspirations. 


 Being a spiritualist, I love spreading positivity and good energy to uplift peoples live.  Creating darker pieces is often a way for me to release negative energy I am holding and turn it into something positive. I believe these works tend to also be more thought provoking for others as well.  When I am painting is when I feel the strongest connection to God and the universal energy flowing through my body.  


    Working out and being in nature especially at the beach, in the forest or in a rose garden are where I feel most at peace. Much of my art is influenced by the beautiful planet we live on.  Taking good care of mother earth is very important to me. I like to take old objects that would be otherwise useless and put them into my mixed media pieces.  Recently I have been using a many old records some of my dj friends wanted to toss out to paint and collage on.


    This world is a beautiful place to create and capture beauty.  I started to learn photoshop over 10 years ago and have picked up photography, videography and editing quite well as my newest passion.  I have created a few short films now and am also working on an artistic documentary about my life's journey to LA and detours along the way through competing in obstacle sports.  I hope you enjoy my site and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or requests for design or commissioned art work. Have a blessed day! Sending you love and light!


               Alena Dawn 












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